Cat Medley: Cuteness, Funnies, Mourning And Loss

Happy humpday everyone! Just think, you're halfway through the week and we're here to give you that extra push to get you to the weekend even sooner. 

Cats. Nothing warms up our hearts more than seeing wholesome images of cats. Or images of cats being ridiculous and hilarious. Or just images of cats. They are all so beautiful and these cats all belong to someone who loves them to the moon and back. And beautiful of that overwhelming love we feel for them, it's always hard to say goodbye whenever they do leave us. 

Besides these cats being so amazing and adorable, quite of few down below have sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge. We're here to appreciate all cats but also all those who have recently left. They may be gone but never forgotten. 

medley of cute, funny cats and tribute to cats who have recently passed the rainbow bridge - thumbnail of cat laying on paper towel when his bed is right beside him untouched | We got him a bed, but then a paper towel fell on the floor, so nevermind
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