Daily Squee


Whatsit: Chubby Goat?

hooves cat goat whatsit Fluffy squee chubby - 6943595520
Via San Diego Zoo


chubby dwarf hamster fat hamster nomming noms pun reader squees - 5340331776
By brontiesmole

Reader Squee: Chubby Piggy

blanket chubby guinea pig pet reader squee snack - 6516198400
By sophdiv

Water Vole

log fuzzy lake squee whiskers chubby - 6643088896
Via Brett Terry


chubby excuse fat hedgehog pudgy sonic - 4584082176
By Unknown

Supreme Chubby Frog

amphibian branch chubby frog green squee tree - 6359576064
Via 123ZERO

Squee Spree: Pudgy Babies

Babies chubby fat Hall of Fame hands platypus squee squee spree - 6349735680
By Unknown

Mountain Bluebird

mountain chubby - 7610184448
By sixonefive72


baby cat Cats chubby fat hungry kitten reader squees - 5079368960
By Lou

Chubby Never Looked so Cute!

puppies cute chubby - 8103057152
By Unknown


caught chubby cookies diet guilty hamster noms stealing - 4546675200
By Unknown

King Chubs

fat king squirrels tree squee chubby - 6494522880
Via Cats and Stuff

Social Media

comparison between flattering profile pic of a cat and a tagged pic where it looks chubby
Via Cats On Catnip

Look at This Chubby Little Penguin

penguin chubby - 7522247936
Via Reddit

Chubby Hamster is Stuck

cage chubby diet hamster maze stuck tube - 6453368832
By Unknown

Reader Squee: Round Rosie

chubby fish goldfish pet reader squee round - 6589269248
By shawnamadonna
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