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Forest tiny chipmunk squee - 6570002944
Via Richard

Here Let This Tiny Chipmunk Make You Squee

chipmunk cute - 8371285760
Via iluvhotchix


chipmunk gifs nomming noms nuts peanuts process - 5329139968
By Unknown
chipmunk winter food - 77333249

Cute Chipmunks Gather Food For Winter

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Squee Spree: Chipmunk vs. Squirrel

cute chipmunk squee spree squirrel - 7902170624
By Unknown

Chipmunk Puppy Feeding Time Forever!

gif chipmunk cute food - 8311265792
By AnimalRescues (Via www.youtube.com)

Mornings Are Great For Chipmunk Yoga Stretches

gif chipmunk cute yoga - 8408916480
By ani.s4 (Via www.youtube.com)


accident acting like animals afraid chipmunk elephant Hall of Fame nom noms peanut peanuts stealing - 4905232128
By Unknown

Stuff Those Cheeks!

acorns cheeks chipmunk grass stuffed - 4435605504
By LadyChipmunk


chipmunk finger inspecting job lolwut noms routine searching tasting - 5420722176
By Unknown

Just a Little Sip

chipmunk drink glass pool straw - 6070291456
Via Lol Creatures


chipmunk acorn hat fashion noms whiskers ears squee categoryimage - 4240665856
By Staravia


chipmunk definition face Hall of Fame happiness happy smile wide wide eyed - 5176012544
By Unknown

Acting Like Animals: Wrong Way on a One Way... tortoise?

acting like animals chipmunk confused lolwut tortoise - 5784116992
Via Eff Yeah Interspecies Friendships


baby chipmunk cute - 4011787008
By Unknown

Chippy Squee

baby chipmunk dirt tiny - 5967801088
Via Just Call Me Lynn
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