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Acting Like Animals: Move Over, Maru!

acting like animals box challenge competition corgi maru puppy - 5752703488
Via Waffles the Corgi

Reader Squees: Athena and Branwen

box cat Cats Heat kitten reader squees sleeping television warmth - 5814471936
By dustycelt


acting like animals attitude box cat diva fashion fashionable hairdo lies lolwut maru sassy scottish fold translation - 5185361408
By Unknown

A Proverbially Heart-Shaped Box

box cat Cats gifs Hall of Fame heart-shaped licking love nirvana song - 5706952448
By Unknown


acting like animals box costume crate crazy fashion imitating imitation lady gaga panda panda bear posing - 5146470400
By Unknown

Reader Squee: Bear in a Box

Bunday bunnies reader squee pets box squee rabbits - 7004834048
By Les

Reader Squees: Pretty Kitty Sad Face

box cat expression face fit fitting reader squees Sad sitting squeezing - 5830698752
By Inkaara

Boxes Are Basically Just Kitten Clown Cars

Via unknown_name

Special Delivery!

box bunny delivery happy bunday - 5939391488
Via Daily Bunny
acting like animals baby box cute playing playtime red panda red pandas rolling squee Video - 12765185


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Feeling Down? Here's a Box Full of Kittens!

kitten box cheer up - 7459331328
Via Reddit

A LIttle Fox in a Big Box? Yes Please

box fox cute - 8436387584
Via nAgkHr4

Reader Squee: If I Fits, I Sitsssss

reader squee pets box if i fits i sits squee snake - 6948060672
By Unknown

The Best Small Things Sit in Big Packages

adage Babies baby box cat Cats Hall of Fame kitten package - 5752811264
Via Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Special Delivery: Hoppy Bunday!

happy bunday box bunny - 8383182336
Via apocalypsegoat

Reader Squees: Welcome to My Box

box chinchilla grey house reader squees rodent soft - 5788127488
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