Giant Panda From Berlin Zoo Gives Birth To Twins

Congratulations to the mother panda, Meng Meng, who has had many fruitless attempts in the past! The Berlin Zoo director, Andreas Knieriem, has announced that both the new cubs and their mother are doing well. 

After the birth of the first cub, Meng Meng gently placed her newborn on her stomach to warm it up. Shortly after, the second cub was born. 

According to DW, Knieriem has said although Meng Meng is a first time mother, she's "looking after her cubs in an exemplary manner." 

Seems like Meng Meng is a natural mother! Knieriem also added that the cubs have to, "drink every two to three hours ... and needed their mother to warm them."

Meng Meng and Jiao Qing (the cub's father) have been at the Berlin Zoo since summer 2017. The pandas are on loan from China.

Berlin's mayor, Michael Miller, had some words about the birth, "What great news! Berlin is happy about both newcomers and I congratulate Andreas Knieriem and his Zoo team."

As a finally note, it is stated that the newborn pandas will not be on public display at the zoo for the time being. 

Story via DW

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