Tumblr Explains Cats' Thoughts When Humans Kiss Their Heads

Have you ever kissed your cat on the forehead and thought: "Cats don't do that to each other, right? What does my cat think I'm doing when I kiss its head? Does it think I'm trying to eat it or does it understand that it's affection?" You're not the only one. We all wonder whether our pets understand us or not, considering how incredibly different we are. 

Today, tumblr is explaining to us one of those behaviors that we wonder so much about and - spoiler alert - they don't think we're eating them. Other than being hilarious, tumblr is also good at explaining things about animals, and the explanation tumblr gives for this one is an incredibly cute one. They also explain what cats think when we accidentally step on them, and it is somehow even more wholesome. 

tumblr thread explaining what cats think when we kiss them as well as what cats and dogs think when we accidentally step on them thumbnail includes a picture of a girl kissing a cat 'Kitties rub their heads against their chosen people as a method of scent marking, but not of ownership. Instead, they're getting their scent on you because they know that you're a family, but you smell "Funny" compared to them. They're trying to make you smell like their family.'
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