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Not Really

wtf explain wall funny - 7640846336
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Cats Are Weird

wtf food funny weird - 7607641600

They Want to Be Inside and Outside at the Same Time

wtf funny stretch - 7565219328
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The Happy Couple

wtf wedding - 7548675072
Via Awkward Family Photos
wtf funny Video - 50952193

Cat Uses Morse code

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wtf boring funny Video - 50955009

Hours of Fun for the Whole Family!

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wtf malfunction licking funny Video - 50788353

Scratches Cause Cat to Malfunction

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I Didn't Go to Medical School to Be Called "Mr. Fart"

wtf colonel meow funny fart - 7485716736
Via Colonel Meow

How to Trap a Cat in an Anti-Gravity Vortex

gif wtf Gravity funny - 7472011008
Via Uncyclopedia (Source may contain obscene material)
wtf history Japan funny Video - 50359553

The History of Sushi Cats

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wtf Video vacuum Cats - 49548289

This Guy Has a Strange New Habit

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Silly Cat, What Are You Doing?

wtf i forgot - 7155362560

What the..

wtf toy shenanigans captions what play Cats - 6816697088
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Wait, What?

wtf captions Cats - 6668575744
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Fools the eye.

optical illusion They Said they said i could be anything Cats captions wtf back - 6679195136
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You breed to reduce or eliminate fur

fur hair sweater outfit wtf Cats captions categoryimage lolcats - 6654140160
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