And It's Not Even Monday!

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Christmas....What a HUMBUG!

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So WHAT If I'm A Sourpuss?!

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Pay Me 100 Tuna Cans And We Have A DEAL!

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I Just Couldn't Pass up This Kind of Opportunity

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You're Doing It Right

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This is Making Me Practically Catatonic

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Moms Can Relate

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Fake It Till Ya Make It

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I Mean, It's Not Like I'm Gonna Work for Them!

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This Adorable Cat Just Got a Much Deserved Promotion

felix working cats This Adorable Cat Just Got a Much Deserved Promotion
Via Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat

Ha, Ha, Very Funny.

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At Least Yours Spins

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Didn't Cats Used to Catch Mice, or Something?

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Cats Want You to Get Fired

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By Unknown

If I Don't Fits, I Push Some Papers, Then I Sit

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Via ixium
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