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posts about cats on catnip thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat covered in catnip doing a blep 'Catnip induced blep u/denrae-' and another of a shocked cat holding someone's arm 'Teefies on some kinda super catnip u/TomieTomyTomi'

Cats On Catnip: The Madness Continues

hilariously delirious
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It was at this moment that Carl came to the realization...

funny cat memes lolcats cat friends cute cats funny cats cats are weird Cats weird cat memes - 9339473408
Created by gypsycat9

Times are changin', Man.

world cat people took now caption normal weird - 9007553024
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

If This is What You Want Human

litter box Cats weird - 8433306368
See all captions Created by Chris10a

It Happens to the Best of Us

Cats funny weird - 8292615168
See all captions Created by jennybookseller
list Cats weird - 287749

9 Cat Weirdos That Are Strange Enough for The Friskies!

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kitten cute weird Video - 62077697

Aww! He Thinks He's a Popping Balloon!

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Cats funny Video weird - 61959425

My Cat Broke

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Cats Video weird - 61754881

If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em

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Looks Like Another Foot-Obsessed Feline

Cats feet funny weird - 8219518464
Via roofdoor

Extra Night Vision

cat kitten weird - 8139936512
See all captions Created by echeg5

I Advise You to Open the Door

Cats funny weird - 8139652096
Via Dump a Day

Cats Will Go Anywhere for a Warm Spot

bbq Cats weird warm - 8083912960

The Bar Has Just Been Raised for the Crazy Cat Lady

crazy cat lady Cats weird - 8066978816

You Can't Deny Their Love

kitten forbidden love love Cats weird Valentines day - 8052332800
anime puns meow Cats weird - 58311937

This Animeow Cartoon is Animazing!

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