Daffynition: Perkatory

cat time waiting coffee caption - 9023588096
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adapted from "Homeward Bound" by Simon & Garfunkel (recaption

cat me waiting caption - 9008137984
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Mom, when's din...Never mind.

hate cat waiting dinner caption remember mom - 8998973184
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Some of Us Are Just Not Very Romantic

waiting my love caption Cats mouse - 8803907072
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You Find Your Entertainment Your Way and I'll Find Mine My Way

entertainment waiting jerk trip Cats - 8463942912
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I'm in No Rush

Cats waiting tabby - 8448146688
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Cats waiting - 64750849

Pitbull Understands Pecking Order, Waits for Cat

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Ais Waiting for My Noms!

waiting noms Cats - 8293986560
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And Now...We Wait

Cats rabbits waiting - 8237887232
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Can't a Guy Get a Saucer of Milk Around Here?!

Cats bar funny waiting - 8079747072
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Dad Took Way Too Long to Bring Home the Milk

Cats cute dad kitten mom waiting - 7963517184
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She's Not Feeding Me

cat thoughts waiting food - 7795616256
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blinds captions Cats forever alone girlfriend love romance sigh waiting - 6598743552
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Don't you hate being the first to arrive?

cat food hungry lolcat noms restaurant waiting - 5162179072
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I'm Waiting

belly cat impatient lolcat love pet waiting - 6044276224
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Classic LOLcat

cheezburger delivery do want drop noms wait waiting - 6037474816
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