Now Ai Wait Til teh Trash Gets Taken Out

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When He Comes Back Tell Him I Escaped

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I'm Prepared This Time

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Best Dai Eber!

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You Need Help...

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Don't look. I just got back from the vet and it isn't pretty

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I knowed dat pill da hoomin gave me wasn't da one frum da vet

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Squirrels! Will do almost anything to get nuts.

nuts squirrel whisper Cats captions fixed vet - 6685443072
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We performed emergency surgery

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who is the next victim

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If you truly loves me...

captions Cats leave love sink vet - 6484140800
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YOU'RE going to the vet and I'm NOT!

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just like they did to me.

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What!?...... Fixed!!??

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Now I gotta get along just on cutes

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