This Fit Is So Bad, I Feel Like One Of Cinderella's Stepsisters!

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Those Darn Kryptonians Stole Mai Hooman!

Cats trapped - 8474244864
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Don't Let Me Out Til He's In The Next County!

Cats tricks trapped - 8342790912
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He CANNOT See Me Like This!

Cats embarrassed trapped - 8094639104
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But I Just Want to Help!

Cats help funny trapped - 7924360960
By Unknown

Not Without me, Anyway...

Cats suitcase Travel trapped - 7905749760
By Unknown

I'll Confess to Anything, Just Release Meeee!

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Did I ASK to be rescued? No, I did not.

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Get me some "down" claws, please

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Dis iz violashun ob da Geneba Conbenshun!

boxes captions Cats jail lolcats prison torture trapped - 6389991168
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Don't bother me.

blinds Cats destruction escape halp lolcats plan stuck trapped - 6314264064
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Datz jus

fish goldfish mean oh no stuck trapped - 6229681664
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The next Pandemic.

couch Hall of Fame Pillow pun sofa stuck trapped - 6191315968
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