I was born to be pampered

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Why do I like gushy food?

like gushy food cat tiny teeth mouth big caption why - 9003214080
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Apartment living

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Train A Slave Early, And He'll STAY Trained!

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Check Yoself Kitteh

tiny mama kitten claws Cats squee - 8451366400
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Have a Seat, House Guests

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Dis Vet Table is Big and Cold!

kitten tiny squee - 8286561792
Via Deriving


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Right in the Palm of Your Hand

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Are Yoo Gonna Eet Meh?

Cats cute kitten tiny lolspeak - 7890465536
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Guard Kitty

tiny guard kitten funny - 7561785856
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Tiny Terror

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I Can't See Over the Shag Carpet

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Classic LOLcat

angry classic classics little mad small tiny upset - 6250510336
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i'm opening my eyes now

baby Cats eyes good kitten new squee tiny world - 6146320896
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