Happy Birthday!

black cat sitting on armchair surrounded by loose blue wool on floor
By AaronRW (Via Cheezburger)


tumblr post of a sweater that looks like cat
Via MemeW

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff!

puppy sweater caption Cats funny - 8592246016
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We Can Be Twins!

animals grandma sweater caption Cats knit funny - 8566293248
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Iz Purrfectly Natural

hair sweater funny - 7733453568
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Gwamma May Have a Little too Much Time on Her Hands.

grandma gift sweater Cats - 8388195584
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This Has All Been Part of Your Evil Scheme, Hasn't it, Human?

Cats cold snow sweater - 7984785920
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I'm Only Wearing it Once, Mom!

grandma sweater Cats funny - 7833280512
By Unknown

Kitty in a Sweater? Yes Please!

adopt sweater Cats - 7822240512
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Some of Us Have Some Dignity

sweater Cats funny - 7722115840
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Dis Iz Mine Nao

sweater - 7150684160
Via Tastefully Offensive

"Yes, we is twins."

alcohol whiskey cold captions sweater winter twins Cats - 6928372224
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I mean, I look like a friggin' goth hotdog.

outfit fashion captions sweater Cats - 6895815680
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an' i'd weally like sum new sweaterz...

basement cat christmas captions sweater santa Cats - 6888484864
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outfit how captions sweater ugly why Cats - 6819502336
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Did I ASK to be rescued? No, I did not.

captions trapped sweater suck Cats - 6820715520
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