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Steak is life. There are literally dozens of ways to cook a steak and more than 60 different cuts of meat, each with their own unique culinary attributes. So if you know the difference between an A5 Wagyu and a Wagyu MB9, this is the place for you. If you cook your steaks over medium, just make a hamburger.

We Got The Best Daddy In The WHOLE World!

steak date instead daddy kitten brought caption home - 8985368320
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Rub It In, Mr. Rich Boy!

steak breakfast caption Cats - 8750301440
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Well Yoo Askt

Cats salad steak noms tabby - 8426004480
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As Health Inspektor

captions Cats food meat mine noms steak - 6443034368
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Toopid moonlighting cuz of toopid downsizing.

basement cat Cats food restaurant steak waiter - 6400190208
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stop! yer steak'z kontameenated.

dinner food nom steak steal - 6204966144
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Classic LOLcat

classic classics eat food grill meat nom steak - 6177562112