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Meanwhile in Canada.. Annabelle is visiting from the US and has a common surprise for vacationers..

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me? invited for dinner? well thank you mr.kitteh!

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That can't be right

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Come on, Use Your Imagination!

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They Seem to Hang Onto the Tree Tighter, Don't They?

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You Know Squirrels Go Straight to My Hips!

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So Close, Yet So Far

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I'll Stick to My Scratch Post From Now on

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They've Had a Rocky Relationship...

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But the Biggest One is Out There!

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I Wanted to Tell Him Something and He Just...Jumped

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The Family Cat has a New Squirrel Friend

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Hey...Furry and Soft is Furry and Soft!

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Soft, Fuzzy, Cute...You Count

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dis my friend George

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tu catch teh skwirl...

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