Basement Cat Obtains Another Minion

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Not So Cute Anymore, Now is it...

slave bossy meow Cats - 8009423616
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And Make it Snappy!

Cats food slave - 7979419392
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Good Morning Puny Human

slave captions human morning Cats - 6891014400
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Wel, wat yu waitin for?

chin slave fancy captions servant butler Cats - 6870774528
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Never Underestimate Ebun Teh Liddlest Ob Kyootz

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And I fit in the palm of your hand!

Cats captions new kitten owner slave master life - 6693541888
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Don't just stand there...

bed captions Cats comfy Pillow servant slave stand - 6538851840
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Waddaya mean

bathroom best of the week captions Cats comfortable move pee slave toilet - 6432472832
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YO! C'mere.

blanket blankets captions Cats covers help lazy lolcats slave sleep - 5956001792
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yesh my shicky friend

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annoying build building Cats egypt lolcats slave work - 6216636928
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I am in my scritch position

belly Cats lay lolcats massage pet me relax scratch servant slave - 6183294208
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