Double Fits, Double Sits

friends cute sits fits Cats - 8012542464
By steffanianne08

If It's Warm, I Sits

Cats heater warm sits - 7979301632
By Unknown

I Don't Trust the Other Spots...

Cats cute sits spots - 7938159360
By Unknown

You're the one With the Computer...You Explain that Logic

Cats cute computer kitten warm sits - 7929877248
By Unknown

If I Sits, I Splits

banana cute sits bowl Cats - 7797164288
By Unknown

Famous Last Words...

safe sits Cats - 7116398336
See all captions By lolzkittenkatz

So Majestic!

trees sits Cats - 7116011264
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Yo Ho Ho!

sits Pirate Cats - 7114771968
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He Got Me With His Fancy Legal Mumbo-Jumbo!

cat counter sits kitchen funny - 6986560512
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What do they mean

ask confused fits if it fits laptop question sit sits understand - 6204553472
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