Until I'm Booted Out.....

here place kitten perfect sit caption - 8973636608
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But mah patienz haz limits

cat sit dont caption beg - 9023332096
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Cats Can Sleep ANYWHERE!

fit kitten didnt sit caption - 9001722368
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Stay Practical My Friends

cat interested boxes not sit expensive caption - 8803292160
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The Most Fitting Cat in the World

cat fit always boxes sit dont caption - 8802793984
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It's the Dignified Way for a Cat to Sit

butt always sit Cats funny weird - 8002643968
By Unknown

Sitting Like a Hoomin is Only for Fridays

Cats sit - 7929843456
By Unknown

I'm Sorry, Were You Trying to Read?

face read sit funny - 7561693952
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You Didn't Want to Eat Those Anyway, Right?

if it fits sit funny fruit - 7482231808
By Unknown

Stop and Smell the Flowers Now

flowers sit plant funny - 7459550976
By Unknown

She's so Voluptuous

sit - 7165555712
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Remember: When the frig door opens, the cat salivates. Feed him!

hungry captions feed dinner sit back fridge Cats - 6895059968
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captions sit laptop Cats keyboard - 6893007872
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Ah wuv dis fing!

sit Cats captions comfort is relative shake - 6678468864
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Ai jus tri harder

big box captions Cats if it fits sit small - 6496559872
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Hurry up and take out the baby

baby captions carrier Cats sit warm - 6481205504
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