Where's The Dog When You Need Him?!

animals scratch shred caption Cats funny - 8568713216
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But Mooooom....

homework shred caption Cats funny - 8562084096
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Also, the Dog Did it

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Administrative Assistant Cat Excels at Certain Skills

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Maybe I'm A Romantic After All

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This? I Don't Know...

Cats funny paper mess shred - 8017517056
By Unknown

Do not flush kitteh!

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Maybe you should have declawed me

captions Cats claw laundry pants shred underwear - 6523346944
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Time Trials at the 2012 LOLympics.

captions Cats destroy London 2012 olympics roll shred speed time toilet paper - 6462518272
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Kitteh plans a political career

bathroom blame Cats fault shred toilet paper - 6410326272
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Classic LOLcat

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claws curtains exercise shred work out - 6335016960
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Classic LOLcat

classic classics destroy machine paper replace robot shred - 6184532992
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My decisions are based on your inconvenience.

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Nekts time

claw destroy list paper shred - 6173031680
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Driveby Shredding

bathroom best of the week Cats destroy excuse Hall of Fame lie lies mess shred stop toilet paper - 6161942272
By Katie
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