Looks can be Deceiving...

Cats cute eat scary - 7951929344
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It's Only a Matter of Time...

Cats knife scary revenge threat - 7892455424
By Unknown

A Cat's Natural Halloween Costume

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Don't Mess with Me!

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But My Friends Get to Dress as Vacuums!

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If It Wuzzint Fur Teh Dawg I'd Hab No Fun At Awl

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So Scary!

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Is This Scary Enough?

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By Jay

Just When You Thought it was Safe to Blow Your Nose...

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I Will Have Nightmares for Weeks!

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is it gone?

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Da horror.

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Kinda scary in here.

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Scene from the 1979 horror classic "When a Schnauzer Calls"

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Some movies are so scary that NO ONE should be allowed to watch them.

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I want to hear some scary stories for Halloween.

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