The Maine Event: Giant Kitty Floofers

Maine coons are absolute units and we're obsessed with them. They're simply larger cats so there's just more to love! That's how we see it anyway. All that extra floof just makes us want to press our faces into those giant bellies. 

Maine coons are always such a pleasure to look at, it's the closest we humans can get to having our very own wildcat indoors, size-wise. Cats of every size are also close and we love them just as much. 

However, there is a grandness, a royalty that Maine coons seem to possess. They are truly magic sorcerors who can hypnotize us and honestly, we'd totally let them. Get ready to be wowed by the grand and majesty beauty of Maine coons! 

giant and fluffy maine coons, thumbnail includes two images of two giant maine coons | people holding huge fuzzy cats
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