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It's hardly noticeable

Cat meme about that window they destroyed that no body is going to notice.
Created by Chris10a

People Who Have Cats As Pets Learn Pretty Quickly They Absolutely MUST Back Up All Important Files

cat file important oops caption - 9001091072
See all captions Created by ponysponys

I Need A Refresher Course!

animals cat oops How To caption forgot - 8746949120
See all captions Created by BestCaptionz

Whoops Wrong Door

funny animal gif of dog running away from cat
Via gifak-net

Side door, I said SIDE door!

anchovies pizza captions oops Cats mistake delivery - 6850384896
See all captions Created by penelopesdad

Wot duz nooturd meen mom?

captions Cats cheat husband marriage neuter oops pregnant - 6507087616
See all captions Created by muriell

Noone told Fluffy

accident captions Cats fall feet human hurt oops push - 6503536128
See all captions Created by Hillary

Sonja? Jo?

accident faces glue oops stuck - 6345640960
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Hunh. This is not Oz

Cats fantasy kingdom literature lolcats magic narnia oops oz Portal portals Travel - 6176157696
See all captions Created by Debeh

Mittens later realized his mistake

bad hair day Cats Fluffy fur fuzzy hair Hall of Fame lolcats oops - 6222656512
See all captions Created by CrimsonPrankster

Did u think me

blend in camouflage Cats lolcats marshmallow marshmallows mistake oops - 6208563968
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After the first trip

boy confused first girl kitten mistake name oops tabby trip vet - 5976809472
See all captions Created by Sylviag