no idea


cat without puzzle no idea eat play caption trying - 9025339648
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Sherman always tells teh troof.. At least dat's what he says!

cat what happened no idea cream caption - 8998940672
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I Should Never Have Taught My Cat To Speak, Now I Have To Listen To Him Tell LIES!

Funny cat meme of a cat that is blaming the dog for typical cat stuff such as shredding the curtains. Teach you cat to speak, and all you will hear are lies.
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I have no idea

book confused lol no idea reading siamese - 6037799680
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Not in the slightest.

black and white camera confused i have no idea what im doing no idea Photo photography - 5980812288
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Paternity Tests

Babies black color Father happened how kitten no idea parent white - 5971340032
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Saddle up, toms, we've got a herd to bring in... (but a herd of *what*?)

best of the week cat do want giant Hall of Fame no idea planet what - 5945576704
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