The second mouse is smart, and will always get the cheese. It's not always the early bird who gets the worm, so no more Mr. mice guy.

Too Late....

lolcats - Dog breed - My mouse? Drool on my mouse? That dog won't even LOOK at my mouse if he knows what's good for him! *uh-oh
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squeak cat memes mouse - 9345950464
By bajio6401

Two dead mowsies is a bargain!

wig i can has funny cat memes mouse - 9344668928
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cat meme catnip mouse - 9339681024
By bajio6401


cat meme mouse - 9148061440
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If At First You Don't Succeed...

Cats caption catch next mouse time - 9013498624
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High Five!

cat caption caught first human mouse - 9014248192
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need ta find da receipt

Cute cat meme of a cat that is face to face with a mouse, and questioning how he is a toy since he doesn't smell like catnip. Basically the cat is over-domesticated.
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Maybe enhanced isn't the right word.

cat behind flavors caption fridge mouse - 9002906880
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And a diet soda...

cat open cans dessert chocolate caption mouse - 9002261504
By Chris10a

My Cat Is Obviously Lying To Me, But How Do I Prove It?

cat heard food caption protect mouse - 9001720832
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Red Bull does that !

cat right through caption mouse - 8999514368
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It is a fair question

cat honest catch eat caption going mouse - 9000982784
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funny cat memes trash mouse - 8990233600
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No, it's a new ratcipe

bits cat fresh make caption mouse - 8989820672
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science don't lie

proof cat fake caption mouse - 8976365056
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