Or a good hammer!

animals lolcat minion crab funny - 8967328256
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Basement Cat Airborne Division

basement cat pigeon minion birds Cats black cat - 8453795328
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You've Served Your Purpose Minions

Cats minion noms world domination - 8301705984
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I'll Teach You How to Cat Human

minion kids advice noms Cats - 8432693760
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Another Minion Returns to the Basement

animals minion Cats free - 8419839232
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Who's a Good Minion?

animals basement cat minion Cats - 8419575296
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Gotta Lay Down Some Ground Rules Minion

minion the internets Cats - 8396800512
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Good Minion Material

minion golden retriever Cats black cat - 8379135488
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He Shall be Our Minion and Our Ride

german shepherd minion Cats - 8362051072
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minion nap time Cats Video - 65393409

Clever Cat Uses Human to get to Her Favorite Sleeping Place

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Now Recruiting

basement cat evil minion - 6366591488
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patience, mah minion...

land master minion rule - 6310119424
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Classic LOLcat

basement cat broken classic classics evil FAIL minion - 6137745152
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basement cat candy confused minion servant soul steal - 6132893184
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Classic LOLcat

classic classics evil lolcat minion world domination - 6100276992
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what are you doing, Snowball?

cat instructions lolcat minion television - 6091960832
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