If Kitties Ever Figure Out How To Hypnotize Doggies, No Veterinarians Will Ever Be Safe Again.

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I Will Now do Your Bidding, Master

Cats cute huge master - 8219550208
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A Master

Cats captions master study calm meditate - 6701976832
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And I fit in the palm of your hand!

Cats captions new kitten owner slave master life - 6693541888
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Yesss Maaaaster

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Better be an inquiry as to how you can better serve me or you can kiss those feeble digits goodbye!

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right about now

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The master

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Wut grabiteez?

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Fwont feets iz tired fwum too much kissin .

feet jellybeans KISS master servant - 6307235584
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patience, mah minion...

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yesh my shicky friend

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i iz

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It took me a long time

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