litter box

It Looks A Lot Cleaner Than Ours

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Try Thinking Outside the Box

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By Chris10a

Srsly Human

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A Little Too Late For That, Isn't It?

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Why Can't He Cover It Like a Normal Kitten?

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Jimmis Is Having a Rough Day

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Just Add A Warming Light

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By Unknown

Well, That Backfired...

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By Unknown

If This is What You Want Human

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This Should be a Place of Solace, Not a Guppy

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By the Way, the Litter Box Needs Cleaning

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You Think You'd Figure it Out After the First Bite...

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Via Bits and Pieces
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Konstantin Gets Stuck in His New Litter Box

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Leaving a Personal Message

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Sometimes Creativity Stinks

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Unless You're Going to Clean my Box...Because That Needs to Happen

Cats bathroom clean newspaper litter box stink - 7926330880
By Unknown
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