A lion knows never to play poker with a leopard, they're all cheetahs. These catty kings of the Savanna are punny as anything and just chomping at the bit to flow across your screen. So before you flip on Animal Planet, check out some of the best hilarious lion jokes and memes around.

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White Lion and Bengal Tiger Best Friends Since Childhood

An incredibly adorable friendship between two big cats
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Appearances Can Be Deceiving

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Tickle at Your Own Risk

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Mama Sez I Gotta Go

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This Lion Thinks All Your Jokes Are Hilarious!

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Suddenly, a Wild Dandy-Lion Appears

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Nature is Both Beautiful and Harrowing

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Just a Kitty Playing in the Leaves

cub lion leaves Cats - 8398569728
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And I Ain't Lion'

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The Little Lion

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Expecation Lion Shake vs Reality

cat shake lion funny - 6986357504
By sandra.djordjevicrijmers

...And this is what you'll look like after braces.

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From the Vault: GET IN THE CAR

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By Unknown

Always One

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By _C_A_T_ (Via
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