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It's an arm and a leg. It's time to get a leg up on the day and ahead by an arms-width. These leggy memes and jokes will have you clapping your feet and hands at the same time. 

Don't Tell the Others, But You're My Favorite

sleep funny leg - 7623250176
Via Tastefully Offensive

I Can Pat Mai Hed And Rotaet Mai Leg Simultaneusly.

captions Cats head leg - 6481196544
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Leg graft

best of the week Cats colors doctor fur leg lolcats medical operation surgery - 6342917120
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Now I gotta get along just on cutes

adventurer arrow to the knee broken cast leg Skyrim vet - 5694496512
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Are they gonna

broken cone head hurt injured leg vet - 6310074880
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Are ya sure ya wanna risk it?

bath guilt leg note right still - 5950636800
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