if it fits

Size 6 is right, and the colour is good too, but

Funny cat meme of two white kittens snugly sleeping in a box with their heads turned left, and the caption says that they packed two left-cats by accidents, implying like they are shoes.
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You Didn't Want to Eat Those Anyway, Right?

if it fits sit funny fruit - 7482231808
By Unknown

Much Better

bed box if it fits Cats - 7229040128
Via Tastefully Offensive

Just get out of the way!

shoes box mine captions if it fits Cats - 6933370880
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Bigger basket be better next time

captions if it fits big Cats basket - 6878603520
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Do you know Shaq?

slipper feet captions if it fits big Cats - 6751258880
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Mah littul box

box small little if it fits Cats captions - 6683969792
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Just Gib Us Time

baby box captions Cats grow if it fits kitten - 6612501504
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box captions Cats fits if it fits mail package post - 6516956672
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Kitty Logic

captions Cats fit if it fits logic small vase - 6486274816
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Ai jus tri harder

big box captions Cats if it fits sit small - 6496559872
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Scottish Fold.

captions Cats if it fits scottish suitcase - 6465261056
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captions Cats game if it fits pocket pool - 6425504512
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As long as u BELIEVE in urself

believe box couch if it fits lolcat maru - 6397493248
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box comfort comfort is relative comfy couch if it fits sofa - 6396231424
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ai playz

captions Cats cute game hide and seek hiding if it fits lolcats play shoes squee - 6367248896
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