A house is not a home, but it could be. Just needs a bit of imagination an interior decorator and someone to check out that wacky feng shui you have going on. To help you get there, find some light in the dark and hilarity in the work ahead with some hilarious home memes and jokes.

Keep Your Kitties Safe This Halloween!

keep cat inside house halloween dress - 8982094848
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Pay Me 100 Tuna Cans And We Have A DEAL!

cat house work sale offering caption - 8977573376
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Otherwise I'm Not Moving

animals Barbie house caption Cats - 8811104256
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As It Should Be

animals house couch seat caption Cats - 8801613824
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They Call Me Salvador Tabby

Cats house wtf tabby - 8422345728
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Cozy Is as Cozy Does

house box if i fits i sits Cats - 8378786816
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This is Pokey Noms!

house cactus Cats funny - 8072593152
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Then You Can Clean it Up!

house barf - 7383818752
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Cats Really Tie the Room Together

house bowl Cats - 7113995520
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Do You Have Anything in the Way of a Nice Box?

kitten toys house Cats - 7089477376
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Possessive Cat is Possessive

house no Cats - 7071118080
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The Conditions in Here are Barbaric!

cat bed house funny - 7051460352
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Time Flies When You're Outside

cat inside house outside Cats funny - 6977050624
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Hate it When That Happens

cat house accident funny - 6972212992
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Scene from the 1979 horror classic "When a Schnauzer Calls"

horror scary house Movie captions hide Cats - 6830764288
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My house, my rules.

Cats captions house rule bed - 6704839936
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