And the correct is-

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But Mooooom....

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Cats Have Unique Ways of Helping with Homework

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Stumped on Your Homework?

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Need Any Help?

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I Didn't Eat Any of Your Homework...See?!

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Method of Studying Not Accepted Everywhere, or Anywhere Really

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No, I'll Give You the Right Answers!

Cats cute funny homework - 8069107968
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If Only Ai Culd Haz Fingies Fur Dis Quackulater

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After Seben Howrz Itz Tiem To Call In Teh Cabalry

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Revolt Imminent

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Study later. Pet now.

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I like to leave my homework til the last minute

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do your homework.

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That's my story and I'm stickin' with it.

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the math!

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