A house is not a home, but it can be. If you make it, they will come, so put four walls up and chuckle at some house puns.

Good plan

follow strong open can hands caption Cats home - 9002853888
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A New Home

cat caption home new Star Trek - 9014999040
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I Could Smell Him Before You Even Walked Through The Door!

cat brought caption home - 8993948160
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My Kitty Is A Quick Thinker

cat eat him caption no home helping - 8993949184
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So WHAT If I'm A Sourpuss?!

cat face work wear happy home - 8990972160
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Finally Somebody Appreciates My Klutziness!

can opener cat caption entertainment home center more - 8985140992
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We Got The Best Daddy In The WHOLE World!

steak date instead daddy kitten brought caption home - 8985368320
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cat loved comfort outside caption home - 8978027520
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Assume Attack Formation!

animals cat scratch goes caption home away - 8763101440
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Heer, Let Me Gibz U Hiz Number...

Cats home - 8331470848
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Home Furry Home

Cats cat hair home - 8235784448
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Home is Where the Cheezburger is

cheezburger kitten adopted Cats home - 8165814528
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A Good Book and a Cat Nap

nap books Cats home - 7865247488
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Nice and Cozy

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I Should Buy Some Home Decor

reading litter box funny home - 7533553408
By Unknown

Honey, I'm Home

gif home - 7155368192
By Unknown
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