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Just Don't Move, and he Won't Know You're Here...

Cats hanging hiding - 7905754880

Bad Timing to Have Glowing Eyes

eyes Cats hiding funny - 7870342656
See all captions Created by adamx11HAXOR

No, This is My Garment Bag Now

gif cat attack hiding - 7765878528


food hiding funny lost - 7649348864
Via Tumblr

Now Ai Wait Til teh Trash Gets Taken Out

trash vet hiding funny - 7642811904
Via Tastefully Offensive

When He Comes Back Tell Him I Escaped

cat vet hiding - 7310131200
Via Tastefully Offensive

Proceed With Caution

Cats hiding - 7079015680
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This time

captions Cats creepy danger hide hiding hurt lie puppy scary - 6401293824
See all captions Created by CapMan007

ai playz

captions Cats cute game hide and seek hiding if it fits lolcats play shoes squee - 6367248896
See all captions Created by jlandis


box boxes cardboard box Cats FAIL hide hiding lolcats obvious secret - 6218569472
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You know you're a kitteh person

accept bed best of the week cat Cats covers fact Hall of Fame hiding know knowledge realization when - 5986939136
See all captions Created by Suzi_sMom

Y quedese alli arriba, usted asquerosamente gato!

best of the week chihuahua climbing do not want Hall of Fame hiding pole upset - 5971489280
See all captions Created by mamawalker


blanket hiding lost Okay pretty Sure - 5235507968
See all captions Created by Summern


denial hiding lie lying not pout - 5905777920
See all captions Created by sandyra
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