Doubly disappointing

Meme of a cat unhappy that the hamster size box you brought home does not contain any hamsters.
By catsuberalles

Why do you suspect me?

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A LOUD Hamster, Mind You

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Not Since Lunch, Anyway

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Is It Snack Time?

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So Much For Fast Food

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Up to No Good

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This Is Such A Disappointment!

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This Might Escalate Quickly...

funny cat photos fat cat is not a hunter
Via im-a-goat
Songs christmas singing cute hamster Cats Video - 67414273

Listen To These Animals of YouTube Sing 'Up On The Housetop'

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I Guess We All Know Who Has the Upper Hand...

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How it Happened Isn't Important...Now is a Time for Healing

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By Unknown

Let me explain.

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Kittehs are not known for their understanding of the internal combustion engine.

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Right between the bars.

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