Somebody is going to be so pleased to get this!

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Just For You

creepy gift caption Cats - 8768477696
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Those Darling Little FurBalls!

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What Do You Mean We Need to Talk?

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Lolcat Coasters are Not Responsible for Broken Glasses or Scratched Humans

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Gwamma May Have a Little too Much Time on Her Hands.

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Yay! I Get Double Boxes, Right?

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By Unknown

I Caught Dis 4 U!

Cats cute catch gift hunt - 7896755200
By Unknown

And Then It's a Metaflor

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I Want My Money Back!

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It's Not Even My Birthday!

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Gary Always Gives the Best Gifts

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Do You Ever Feel Like Your Kindness is Misunderstood?

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This is what I don't like about Christmas: the pressure to be overwhelmed by your gifts.

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Dat old man needs to RETIRE.

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