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Top 25 Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #85

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That could have been embarrassing, Susan

funny cat meme about forgetting to shave armpits and wearing a bikini
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Double charging

Funny cat meme of a cat that is charging, but with TWO chargers instead of just one.
See all captions By catsuberalles (Via Funny Cats)

Mainly that last bit.

Funny cat meme of a cat chilling across an open drawer in the kitchen with caption about how he can catch falling food well from there.
By Chris10a

Size 6 is right, and the colour is good too, but

Funny cat meme of two white kittens snugly sleeping in a box with their heads turned left, and the caption says that they packed two left-cats by accidents, implying like they are shoes.
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birds Cats funny cat memes - 9026233344
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We Iz Innocents

Funny cats pictures with caption as if they are all innocent about the broken stuff.
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Come to think of it, you're not much different right-side up (recaption

cat look caption funny upside down - 9007985664
By catsuberalles

Q: What Do You Call A Huge Pile Of Cats? A: A Meow-tain!

cat not caption funny - 9006178304
See all captions By chech1965

Or a good hammer!

animals lolcat minion crab funny - 8967328256
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It's The Extra Ingredients That Make A Recipe Special!

hairball baking caption Cats funny - 8820657408
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A Cats Mantra

boredom caption Cats funny - 8820418304
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Is That What We Look Like!?

human caption Cats funny - 8795152640
Via roguetranscendent

You Must Think I'm a Gullible Little Kitty to Fall for This

cat red dot caption funny - 8794290688
By catstory

No, Today is Not a Good Day

funny cat image post vet shave and cone of shame
Via Christy Howell

Growing up is not for sissies.

milk kitten cute caption Cats funny - 8602061824
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