funny cats


Grumpy cat meme about what is wrong with you...
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You look away first Naw YOU look away first !

Funny meme of two cats locked in a staring contest that neither wants to loose.
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kitteh's going to milk this one

Funny cat meme of a kitty that wants a contract to play major league baseball.
By catsuberalles


Cat meme of a kitty that made a mess and is now trying to blame it on the dog.
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A horror story in two sentences

Cat meme of a horror story in which in the middle of the night, no one was awake to give kitten more food.
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Invisible rod & reel

Invisible cat meme of kitty with rod and reel you just can't see
By catsuberalles

Dog house? Nope, Ai see a kitteh house here.

Meme of a cat going into a dog house and declaring it his own.
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"Glove Takes Time"

Another funny cat meme of a cat picture with gloves and it is captioned of a song with glove instead of love.
By catsuberalles

Doubly disappointing

Meme of a cat unhappy that the hamster size box you brought home does not contain any hamsters.
By catsuberalles


Funny meme of the song from Titanic but with the word GLOVE instead of love, and cat is actually sitting on a pair of gloves in the pictures.
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since you're up i'll have an iced mocha latte extra whippity cream & no forget the bendy straw

Funny meme of a cat that is casually asking you to pick him up a latte.
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Wait? Wut?

Funny meme of a black cat in the tub with bubbles and is shocked with caption exclaiming that you did indeed pull his tail, or did you...
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Here comes the Judge

Funny cat meme that starts out all deeps and then goes silly about cats chewing your shoes
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I'm So Confused!

cat meme asking if it ok to watch certain TV shows and asking a deeper question in the process.
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Let meh download one 4 u

Cat meme of a cat looking at the video games status of having no Life left and making a bad pun about it.
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SURE you can trust me with the plants & breakables for an hour or so

Crazy eyed cat assures you that you can trust him with the breakables, but only for an hour or so tops.
See all captions By katkabob (Via Cheezburger)