"You said that you were trying to watch your weight."

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Happy Teacher's Day

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Finally A Resolution I Can Get on Board With

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Just Doing My Part

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Dis is Nawt a Flower...

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You Know Just When I Need to Take a Nap

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Temptation at its Core

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By MallardVHS

At Least it was Something Beautiful!

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I Knew You Loved Me!

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Life Loses its Thrill...

Grumpy Cat 9 lives flowers Cats funny - 8058286080
By Unknown

But Ais So Perdy!

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A Bit of Tuna Would be a Good Fertilizer

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Not Eating! Just Smelling! Honest!

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By Unknown

Tardar Plans Your Funeral

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By belant (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Stop and Smell the Flowers Now

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By Unknown

Stop and Smell the Carnations

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By Loulou
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