BTW, They Might Call about Owing Them for a Herring

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Sometimes you get lucky

cat that is eyeballing that fish left unattended at the table which seems just too good to be true, but that has never stopped this cat before
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Someday my fish will come in

Meme of a cat waiting for that day that his FISH comes in.
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Nurse, Hand Me My Steak Knife, er, I Mean My Scalpel

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Impatience May Not Be A Virtue, But It Has It's Own Rewards

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I Can Dream, Can't I?

cat out come maybe caption fish - 8972723712
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So Tempting

fish bowl Cats - 8774091520
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So Rude

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Carpe Carpa

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You Know the Old Saying

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Cat Sees a Tasty Koi Fish but She Just Wants to Be Friends

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Direct Hit!

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It Was For The Best, Really

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A New Challenger Appears

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The Smart One

smart noms fish video games Cats - 8470569472
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