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There Is No Prison That Can Hold Me!

cat escape fence caption - 9023812096
See all captions Created by cataff

Probably a Good Idea..

Cats caption escape lol stuck - 8805478656
See all captions Created by icguy34

That Would Be a Pretty Embarrassing Way to Go

animals escape water Death bath rubber ducky caption Cats - 8803963904
See all captions Created by MuttMeat

Don't Just Stand There Human!

Cats escape stuck - 8324019712
See all captions Created by tentilizer

The Great Escape

Cats escape ninja - 8306560256
Created by Snake73

To Freedom, My Brothers!

Cat GIF of a bunch of kittens jumping and leaping from the table to the couch.
Via Gazboolean
escape smart Cats Video - 59358209

The Houdini of Cats

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I Want to Let You Out but I Love the Squish!

Cats crate escape kitten squish - 7960622592

I Always Find a Way

escape fridge Cats - 7879380224
See all captions Created by amathistblue
caught escape clever Cats Video - 55678977

Clever Cat Makes His Escape

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Cat Escapes Without a Trace

door cat escape Breaking News - 7795973888
See all captions Created by LakeoftheHauntedCatship

Take Your Science and Shove It!

escape box science funny schrodingers-cat - 7568480768
Via Tastefully Offensive
escape awesome help Video - 50629633

Kitten Helps Dog Escape

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Another Cunning Escape!

gif escape - 7411499520
Via Tastefully Offensive

Determined Cat is Determined

escape determined - 7281371648
See all captions Created by amathistblue

Get Ready to Make a Break for It!

cat escape kid bath funny national cat day 2013 - 7021183232
See all captions Created by wolliw
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