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Honorable kittie would certainly never fib about such a thing!

Funny cat meme of a fancy cat that clearly just had food denying your accusations and the tone with which you are implying them.
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The Horror!

cat horrible human watch eating caption monster - 9022624000
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Top of the food chain

cat top Predator eating caption - 9007564288
Created by Chris10a

Wishful wondering

donuts eating caption Cats funny wonder - 8586362368
Created by jennybookseller

I Will Savor This Moment!

eating noms caption Cats funny meat - 8578603264
See all captions Created by wonphatcat

Anything is Possible

animals wanted cat pizza eating caption yesterday today - 8566861568
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It's Important To Follow Your Doctor's Orders!

stuck vet eating caption Cats funny - 8567273472
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Just Keep the Noms Barrel Full Human

Cats eating food life - 8340619776
Via grandpaspeaches
Turkey eating Cats - 64401665

Turkey The Shelter Cat "Gobbles" While She Eats

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Show Him Who's Boss

cat bully food eating funny - 7795576576
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Sorry, It's Seven to One

floor vote table food eating - 7677042944
See all captions Created by kittahmonster

Mite Has to Eat Yer Way out

eating hotdogs funny - 7564761088
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Don't We All

exercise eating funny chubby - 7482032384
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I'm awake....

awake captions Cats eat eating food hungry lolcats morning starving why - 5945491712
Created by Unknown


cat Cats donuts doughnut eat eating face food found Hall of Fame happy happy place lolcat nom - 6113625088
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cat Cats destroy destruction eat eating fashion Hall of Fame lolcat nom shoes - 6056244736
See all captions Created by Jake-the-Cake