small kitten in a sanitary mask and cap standing on a vet's table
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Is it serious doctor?

Meme of a cat asking the doctor how serious it is, is he turning into a dog now that he played with a ball?
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cat doctor treadmill hours caption - 9007348224
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I Fear It May Be Too Late

animals doctor caption Cats plant - 8803909376
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The Doctor Is In

caption cat doctor - 8751536640
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Being So Blunt Is Fine When You're That Cute

doctor kitten cute Cats - 8491820032
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Dr.TinyCat is in!

patient doctor kitten great dane Cats dr tinycat - 8472477696
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Does Vet Rhyme with Toona?

apple Cats doctor vet - 8391793152
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Cat Confirmed Diagnosis

boop doctor Cats - 8373759232
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Medic 101

doctor Cats dr tinycat - 8316375296
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My, How the Tables Have Turned!

doctor vet Cats funny - 8263836160
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Not Gonna Lie, It Looks Purrrr-etty Bad

live doctor funny - 7470795776
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Nawt Sposed to Bend Like Dis!

borked doctor fight Cats - 7070754816
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You'd Better Have Insurance...

toy doctor fever kitten kitty funny - 7029493760
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Dr. Katenheimer sez . . .

broken bones heal injured doctor cast Cats captions - 6659187968
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Leg graft

best of the week Cats colors doctor fur leg lolcats medical operation surgery - 6342917120
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