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Cat Equivalent of Duck Lips

cute cat with derpy photo
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Never go Full Derp!

caption Cats funny derp - 8580477184
Created by anselmbe

Kitten Socks Have Two Settings: Adorable and Extreme Derp

socks kitten Cats derp - 8467387136
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You Could Have Just Let Me Live the Lie

animals truth kitten Cats squee derp - 8446055424
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When a Gorgeous Cat Sleeps...

Cats sleeping derp - 8368994304
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A Derpy Cat is Better Than No Cat

Cats derp funny - 8116488192
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Wat Iz Dat Fing!?

unicorn shock funny derp - 7710075904
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That Must Be the Burning Smell

broke brain derp - 7246222080
Created by Chosen_Entity

This Isn't Like Any Nip I've Ever Had

high brownies nip derp Cats - 7400472832
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captions Cats derp jump peekaboo sleepy tired - 6442151936
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Cats crazy derp excited expressions food hungry lolcats nom waffles yum - 6216709632
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most cats look down at you

best of the week Cats derp dumb Hall of Fame intelligence most smart stupid - 6115345152
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people say i have

add attention best of the week derp Hall of Fame people salad say short siamese - 6046588160
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Life iz like a bocks ob choclates dat got rolled ober by a dump truk

box captions Cats derp life life is like a box of cho lolcats quotes life is like a box of cho - 6375461120
See all captions Created by jennybookseller