What's cool to you might not be cool to the next person, so make sure you really have a good idea what is in, and what is out.

Difference Between Me and You

Chill looking cat with shades made into a meme captioned 'the difference between meme and you is that I make these look good.'
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The Letdown

cool cat box less caption - 8794106112
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Too Cool

Cats cool tabby - 8331788544
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Pearl is Just That Cool!

Cats cool funny vet shades - 8025143296
By Unknown

The Definition of Cool

cool sunglasses friends Cats - 8012601088
By Unknown

A Skill to be Envied

Cats cute cool - 7936307200
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A Match Made in Heaven

cool eyes Cats - 7934877696
By Unknown

Car Windows Are for the Dogs

cool Cats funny - 7643660544
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Hip Cat

cool socks funny - 7621644032
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Classic LOLcat

Cats classic classics cool sunglasses swag - 6478987776
By Unknown

Hey, you need the exercise anyway.

captions car Cats cool drive Heat hot shade summer - 6404767744
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Anyone can look cool

awesome chill cool lay relax road street - 6347677184
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yeah, baby girl

baby boyfriend cell phone cool girl girlfriend love romance - 6280345344
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Walk awai, luk kewl, luk kewl

Badass cool explosion Movie - 6209629952
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I may be small

awesome cat cool lolcat swag - 6127631104
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