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No, Today is Not a Good Day

funny cat image post vet shave and cone of shame
Via Christy Howell

And A Little Further Down And It's A Tutu

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cone drinking water cone of shame shame Cats Video - 71237889

Cone Of Shame? You Mean My Perfect Water Feeder!

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Kindred Spirits

cone cone of shame Cats - 7376637696
Via The Frogman

Bob was a bit of a piggie.

captions Cats cone food noms vacuum - 6462472704
See all captions Created by mamawalker

This is not going to end well...

beer captions Cats college cone fraternity Party - 6440983808
See all captions Created by basselope

I'll haz anudder!

alcohol best of the week booze cone cone of shame drunk martini - 6320548608
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Are they gonna

broken cone head hurt injured leg vet - 6310074880
See all captions Created by Kristen