cat memes

Flat bottomed cat !

Funny meme of a cat that is all flat bottomed from the glass table he is napping upon.
See all captions By Unknown

Kamp Kuppykakes 2017

Cat meme of two kittens in a drawer and captioned about Krafty Diplomas and Kamp Kuppykakes.
See all captions By rbj

It's such a beautiful day, I feel like singing!

Cute meme of a kitten enjoying the beautiful sunshine of the morning.
See all captions By echeg5 (Via Cheezburger)

If you've forgotten

Funny meme of a cat playing peek-a-boo and a caption saying he will just slip out the room when you are not looking.
See all captions By echeg5

kitteh's going to milk this one

Funny cat meme of a kitty that wants a contract to play major league baseball.
By catsuberalles

"Geez! I thawt an Air Raid Siren just went off!"

Meme of a cat meeting the baby and captioned that he thought it was an air-raid siren going off.
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This may take a while

Grumpy cat meme that is just hating on everyone.
See all captions By echeg5

Failed impurrsonation?

Meme of a cat flying through the air claiming he is now a flying squirrel and another cat telling him he first needs to work on his hang time.
By catsuberalles

"No" as a second language

Cat meme of a snobby kitty sticking out the tongue and bragging about how she has been taking NO lessons from Grumpy Cat.
By catsuberalles

But, But, Please

Innocent looking kitten pleads to not throw him in jail because he is not guilty.
See all captions By chianty

Henry wants to know

Cat meme of a kitten asking how he is going to balance with such big ears when he is bigger.
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Dog house? Nope, Ai see a kitteh house here.

Meme of a cat going into a dog house and declaring it his own.
See all captions By Snake73

"Glove Takes Time"

Another funny cat meme of a cat picture with gloves and it is captioned of a song with glove instead of love.
By catsuberalles


Funny meme of the song from Titanic but with the word GLOVE instead of love, and cat is actually sitting on a pair of gloves in the pictures.
See all captions By heyman


Funny meme about how to keep cats off the table and it is by putting baskets on the table for them to sit in, thereby avoid said direct contact with the furniture. Cat people, that is as good as it gets.
See all captions By BestCaptionz (Via Cheezburger)

since you're up i'll have an iced mocha latte extra whippity cream & no forget the bendy straw

Funny meme of a cat that is casually asking you to pick him up a latte.
See all captions By katkabob