Take It Or Leave It

tongue caption Cats funny - 8563012096
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Don't Just Sit There Human, ENTERTAIN Me!

cat i has bored caption - 8971972096
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We can haz sofa, next?

cat next caption sofa - 8971450368
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A Full Week To Assemble This Thing, And This Is The Thanks I get.

in cat guess see box came nice caption - 8968016640
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Ow!! Why Do People Say Cactus Plants Are Succulent?!!!

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Dogs may fetch for free, but I'm not a dog!

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Poke you with a pointed stick

cat poke facebook caption - 9087869184
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When Are My Stoopie Humans Going To Feed Me, And

things chair kitten who caption putting - 9002831616
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Good plan

follow strong open can hands caption Cats home - 9002853888
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Don't Worry Precious, I'm Not Mad......At YOU That Is!

bad first daddy done Precious caption Cats - 9028987392
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Great Teamwork, Guys!

child milk clever enjoy mommy trip caption Cats - 9027387392
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Learnin' da ropes

funny meme of a cat teaching the kitten the harsh realities of being a house cat. And all that just in exchange for endless food with no hunting.
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It's a Tough Job, but SOMEBODY'S Gotta Do it!

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Advice Kitty offers good advice.

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Git owt!

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Before You Leave, Please Put A "Do Not Disturb" Sign On The Bedroom Door.

Fluffy sleep Caturday caption - 9027551744
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