Honorable kittie would certainly never fib about such a thing!

Funny cat meme of a fancy cat that clearly just had food denying your accusations and the tone with which you are implying them.
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Bed & Breakfast

breakfast bed cat memes - 9266702848
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Almost time for second breakfast (recaption:

cat breakfast bedtime past hurry up caption - 8999582976
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Good Help Is So Hard To Find!

animals cat breakfast bed caption late - 8967273216
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Lesson Learned

animals breakfast human food caption Cats - 8794026240
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Rub It In, Mr. Rich Boy!

steak breakfast caption Cats - 8750301440
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Excuz Me, Waiter?

breakfast caption Cats - 8751156224
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These Noms Are Mine Now

animals breakfast turn kitchen leave captions Cats - 8572494592
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Can't Stop Now

Cats breakfast late - 8330029568
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Just Once Human, Can't You Let Me Live

disappointed breakfast noms Cats black cat - 8477161728
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Your Breakfast: Kitty Tested and Approved

breakfast pancakes - 8454492928
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Next Time Just Leave it by the Door Human

breakfast noms Cats hairless - 8420119296
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No One Will Ever Know

Cats breakfast tabby - 8331937024
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Who's Ready for Breakfast?

breakfast cute Cats - 8215900928
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You Want the Strangle or the Claws?

Cats breakfast noms - 8158561024
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I Can Has Mickey Mouse Ears?

Cats breakfast funny pancakes - 7986785792
By Unknown
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